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Telecommunications Work
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In order to manage the expanding telecommunications and security needs of our tenants, we have Building Riser Management Program in place. The riser is the vertical conduit or path between floors of the building, which carry telephone lines and high-speed circuits from the carrier drop off point in the garage to your floor and backboard. Management of the building's risers is done by Summit Riser Systems and they are the approved provider for all vertical riser cabling installations at Denver Place. In most cases, only Summit Riser Systems is approved for access to the building's telecommunications closets. LBA Realty has negotiated with Summit Riser to provide fast, quality service at competitive prices. This program does not dictate which carrier you choose for your telecommunications services or who you use for in-suite cabling work.

What does a Riser Management Program mean to you?

  • Better security, protection and organization of the building's riser system and telephone closets because access is limited.
  • Cable installations and removals will be done in accordance with applicable codes and the building's cable and wiring guidelines.
  • Access to technicians that are highly knowledgeable about the property and conditions.
  • Work will be done in a responsible manner that takes into account overall conditions and capacity.

When you order a new telephone line or circuit, you will need to contact Summit Riser Systems to bring that line from the carrier drop off point (also known as the Minimum Point of Entry or MPOE) to the backboard located within your suite.

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