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Administration and operation of the Denver Place parking garage is directed by a third party operator, One Parking. You may contact One Parking at 303.243.3835 for parking information or visit the garage office by taking the South Terrace elevators to B-1 and turning right toward the garage exit. One Parking will issue parking to customers given spaces in their lease or those seeking spaces on a month-to-month basis depending upon availability. Special reserved parking spaces are available for monthly parkers driving alternative or hybrid fuel vehicles. Payments for parking should be made directly to One Parking and should not be included with your office rent.

The three-level Denver Place garage is located below ground level with entry on the right side of Curtis Street, between 18th Street and 19th Street. Two elevator banks provide access to the building via the North Terrace and South Terrace. Two exits are available to parkers with one located on the B-2 level and the other on the B-1 level of the parking garage. Daily parkers must exit on the B-1 (upper) level, monthly parkers have the option to use either exit.

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