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Other Waste Disposal and Recycling Services

All businesses are required to dispose of hazardous waste in compliance with state and federal regulations. The general trash and recycling programs are designed for typical office waste. These programs are not equipped for large items such as furniture or hazardous waste including electronics, which area no accepted at Colorado municipal waste landfills. Almost all computers and electronic equipment contains hazardous materials that may pose a risk to public health if not handled or disposed of properly.

Denver Place offers the following additional recycling services:

  • Battery Recycling: All types of batteries accepted. Simply bring your old batteries to the mail room on the 2nd floor of the South Terrace and dispose of them in the marked bin.
  • Electronic Recycling: Available year round and most items can be responsibly recycled free of charge. Simple contact building management and we will have someone take the items to the collection bin. All materials are processed in the United States with no report of end-of-life material.

NOTE: The collection bins are not secured and data security cannot be ensured. If you have hard drives or other items containing confidential information, we recommend that you do not use these collection bins. A secure pick up can be arranged for a fee.

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