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General Safety Guidelines
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Security - During Business Hours

Although we try to maintain a secure working environment, many people enter the building every day, and we cannot guarantee complete safety. You can take several preventive measures to keep your area more secure. For example:

  • Know who should be in your suite and approach any unknown persons with a polite, “Can I help you?” Awareness is an effective deterrent.
  • Contractors working in Denver Place should prominently display a Contractor Badge. You will be notified by building management if we plan to have a contractor accessing your space for any reason.
  • Lock all doors when leaving your suite unattended and monitor all unlocked entrances including back doors.
  • Instruct employees to keep valuables in secured areas when leaving them unattended.
  • Always keep safes, vaults, strongboxes or similar devices locked, particularly when unattended. Do not divulge combinations of safes or vaults. Do not leave combinations where they can be found or easily deciphered.
  • Notify the management office if you see loiterers, peddlers or canvassers on the premises. Door to door solicitation is not allowed or endorsed by management.
  • Check wastebaskets at the end of the day to ensure that no items of value have been left there.

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